Project Management Book Tips

Here are some items taken from the original website.  Bullet tips to consider for project management:

  • Planning is key
  • You have three focus points: time, budget, and quality
  • PM’s should get signoff or agreement on major approval items (milestones, deliverables)
  • PM’s should understand what their responsibility and deliverables are
  • A project leader should be able to explain and sell the project’s value
  • One primary task is to remove roadblocks from the paths of your team members
  • You should understand your priorities

And there are more items, such as communication… especially with your project sponsors and stakeholders.


User a project planning metholodology or lifecycle.  Having clear metrics to measure your progress is important, as is the ability to assess and manage project risks.

And for many projects, politics can enter the process at any time (if it’s not already there).

Also, know when to ask for help.



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